It's never too late

It's never too late

It's never too late to become your true self. 💛

Yesterday I heard of a person who, at 73 years old, has begun using they/them pronouns.

I follow trans women on Tiktok who didn't embrace their transness until their forties and fifties.

I've seen trans men excited about their top surgery in their sixties.

It's never too late. You're not too old. It's okay if you haven't always known.

We have always existed, in every century and af every age.

We are trans. We are beautiful. We are humans worthy of love and celebration.
Image description : illustration of an older trans woman standing in front of a full length mirror. She realized she was trans about a year ago, and is just starting her transition. She's wearing a pink floral dress over yellow pants and a tee-shirt. She has a yellow and pink kerchief over her head, with wisps of gray hair escaping from underneath it. She is staring at herself in the mirror with a contented smile on her face. Text reads "it's never too late to be your true self.
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