There are Infinite Ways to be Nonbinary

There are Infinite Ways to be Nonbinary

Nonbinary is not thin, white, and androgynous.

We have created this stereotype and it excludes almost all nonbinary people.
While thin, white, and androgynous nonbinary people are amazing, we are not the standard.
Black and other nonbinary people of color are valid.
Fat nonbinary people are valid.
Feminine nonbinary people are valid.
Masculine nonbinary people are valid.
Disabled nonbinary people are valid.
Nonbinary people who don’t want to or can’t transition are valid.

There are infinite ways to be nonbinary.

We white people have to decenter ourselves and amplify the marginalized people in our community.

Image description: illustration of a fat Black nonbinary person leaning on their knee with a smirk. They are wearing a brown binder and red underwear. They have stretch marks. Text reads “ nonbinary does not look thin, white, and androgynous. 

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