Trans People Don't owe you Disclosure

Trans People Don't owe you Disclosure


Dating as a trans person is hard. I'm in a longterm relationship now, but when I was dating I felt pressure to disclose my transness as a warning before anyone got interested in me.

We shouldn't have to do this. Our transness is not a disease. Our transness is not something wrong with us that people need to be warned about.

Of course, trans people may feel safer and choose to disclose their identity to a potential partner, but us being expected to disclose is based on a view of transness being criminal.

We are humans. We deserve love and acceptance. Our medical history, our bodies, are not dangers to avoid, or public property to be gawked at.

We don't owe anyone disclosure.
If you're cis, I recommend watching Disclosure on Netflix (if you're trans, watch with care, as it can be triggering).
Image description: illustration of a Black trans woman with a prosthetic arm. She has shoulder length curly black hair, yellow eyeshadow, a sheer blue top, and yellow skirt. Pink text reads "trans people don't owe you disclosure.
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