May Stickers here we Come!

May Stickers here we Come!

As most people know there has been a lot of passed and proposed legislation trying to regulate or eradicate the existence of trans people.  So this month we're celebrating trans lives and speaking up against genocide! Click the link to choose which theme you want for May Stickers 🏳️‍⚧️
Voting Closes April 2nd.

Rewards Coming Soon

It's been so meaningful to both me and my partner that my artwork sparks so much joy for ya'll that we want to give back to you for the support. In the coming months, we will be launching Sticker Club Rewards!
Just being a member of the sticker club you'll earn free stuff!
Every month that you remain a member, you get one step closer to a free sticker album, keychain,  t-shirt, sticker and so much more!
Stay tuned while we fine tune the platform we're using and all the free gifts we'll send. However, if there is something you want to see as a part of the program, leave a comment below! 

A Note for our first 100 Members

As you may remember, as one of our first 100 members (joined on or before October 20, 2022), we told you we would give everyone a free sticker album just for your support. Well, the time is almost here! Our manufacturer has finished production and they are on their way to us as we speak. Once they get here (which will take about a month on a container ship) they will go out with whichever sticker shipment comes following their arrival.
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