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Set Boundaries Sticker

Set Boundaries Sticker

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It’s okay to cut contact with someone who refuses to respect you.
Even if they used to be close. Even if it’s your mom.

I don’t say this lightly because I know it’s HARD. And it takes time to be able to cut contact with someone you love, even if they are terrible to you.

But I’m speaking from the other side of it. You will survive. You will grieve, it will hurt, and you will carry this loss with you, but life without people who do not give you the respect and love you deserve is GOOD.

Boundaries are good. When you tell someone “I am not interested in being spoken to like that” and they do not listen, you are allowed to enforce consequences. You are allowed to block their number or stop hanging out.

YOU are your first priority. If they wanted to be with you they would respect and love you as you are.

Your identity, name, and pronouns are worthy of respect. Surround yourself with people who respect you.
You deserve to be treated with dignity.

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